About PAA

Pondicherry Athletics Association is the apex body for running and managing athletics in India and affiliated to the Athletics Federation of India and Puducherry Olympic Association. The Pondicherry Athletics Association has as many as 12 affiliated Club and 4 Regional. The Pondicherry Athletics Association came into existence in 1977 and the Association organizes the State Championships, trains the Athletics State Campers, selects the National  Athletics Teams for various national competitions, including the Junior, Senior and Cross country  Championships for various age categories.

Besides, the PAA conducts State championships and various meets to promote the sport and popularize it amongst the masses and make athletics commercially attractive for the further growth of the athlete and the sport. The Association also supervises and assists its club and region  in their activities, plans and sets up special coaching camps, coaches training and takes initiatives for development programme and grass root promotion of athletics in Puducherry.

Conducting National CHAMPIONSHIPS & MEETS

The PAA organises various national events in India, including the AFI Permit Meets,  Cross country  Championships, , etc.


In a huge country like puducherrry, providing adequate opportunities to aspiring and budding athletes at the national and regional level is crucial. Apart from the National Championships for seniors and juniors, the PAA arguably conducts the maximum number of meets in puducherry sports, keeping in mind the diverse disciplines, from track to field and road races to walking.


State Open Championships- seniors & juniors
State Cross Country Championships
District level athletics championships
Inter District Meets

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